Avoiding “Fillers” in an Interview


What are some tips to avoid “fillers” like “uh”, “uhm”, and “you know” in an interview?

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    If you already noticed that you’re using a lot of annoying “fillers” while speaking then you’re off to a great start. Self-awareness is the first step. There are a lot of ways and tips to avoid “fillers” but what works for me aside from being self-aware is to practice pausing.  Instead of using a filler while thinking of the next things to say, pause for 2-3 seconds then continue speaking.

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    First, record yourself speaking on subjects that you don’t have much experience or knowledge on.  Present in front of a camera, and in front of other people.  Practice, and remaining mindful regarding these communication fillers.  Joining a public speaking or communications group will also help.

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