Difference among Freelance, Contract, and Full-time


What’s the difference among freelance, contract, and full-time position?

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    Freelancers often provide very specific services so that they can specialize and deliver a quality product/service.  They often work for multiple customers.  Freelancers just starting out will generally work in excess of a typical full schedule per week.  In addition to their contract deliverables, they are responsible for their marketing, systems, and customer service.  Often selected by employers for being the best at what they do.  Length of employment will vary.

    Full Time Position – In regards to working from home, this is typically working a full schedule for a single employer.  Tasks and hours will often vary and revolve around the agreement between employer and employee.  Employees are often selected based on experience and potential with the intent to  keep as a team member long term.

    Contract – is the agreement between employer and employee.  This can be either freelance or full time.  Technically many employee’s are considered as ‘contractors’.  Due to work laws, the definition of ‘company employee’ will vary from country to country.

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