Difference between freelancing and home-based jobs


What’s the difference between freelancing and home-based jobs?

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    While there are many similarities and differences, here are a couple comparisons/contrasts –

    Remote Work Freelancing is not too different from being self employed. Freelancers provide a pre-defined result, within a pre-determined time, for a pre-negotiated price. This is often contract based with milestones in place for partial payments and contract renewal. Freelancers are often provided with minimum training and are expected to bring the experience to be able to complete the job. Employers will consider upfront that freelancers are working with multiple employers.

    It would be correct to say freelancing is a Home Based Job. Since the individual is often working from home. The concept is ‘moving the office, home’. Take for example the pandemic. Someone that worked in an office providing customer service, but the company is able to work with them from home and allows the person to do so. Does the person then become a freelancer? Is there a difference in how company leadership or other employees respond to freelancers vs coworkers?

    The primary distinctions for a ‘home based job’ or ‘work from home’ employment and freelancing is the company culture, provided training, and agreement with the employer. There is a much stronger team dynamic. Employers know they are taking on more risk in hopes of finding the right person for the team to grow with the organization. People are often assigned roles, responsibilities, and tasks to meet company goals. People that are attracted to work from home prefer stability and routine over the challenges and surprises that come with building a business.

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    Here are a few differences:
    1. Freelancing is a business. Home-based job is a job.
    2. In Freelancing, you work on your own hours. In an home-based job, you may be told to work for a specific time and hours.
    3. In freelancing, you decide your own rates. In a home based-job, your employer decides the amount to pay or you may negotiable about it.
    4. Freelancing is results-based and you have more freedom. Home-based jobs, on the other hand, you can expect training and you can grow with the company.

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