How can I start learning a digital skill for free?


I still don’t have extra money to buy courses. How can I start learning a digital skill for free? Any suggestions.

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  1. 2021-03-15T08:39:23+00:00

    You can try looking or researching for coaches or experts of the skill or skills you want to learn. You can follow 1 to 2 coaches or experts on their social media channels. Sometimes they give free contents, webinars, and mini-courses in their YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and etc. It could be confusing and time-consuming to gather and tweak a lot of resources online. That’s why it helps to only focus on 1-2 experts or coaches to learn from.

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    Everything anyone would like to learn is available through books, Google, Youtube, and Social Media.  If you have the time, research will be your best resource.

    The benefit of working through a course or a coach is having a structured learning process, someone that can identify areas we are lacking, or both.  They will save you time by providing direction and helping you avoid mistakes.

    Imagine trying to explore a new country without using a map.  Finding places of interest will require asking strangers, discovering ways to get there, then making a decision regarding the approach.  Having a guide will provide the big picture, directions, pitfalls, insider tips, and points of interest along the way.

    If you have the time, research online.  If you value your time purchase a course or hire a coach.  If funding is the problem, find a way to work for one.

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