How to Negotiate for your Salary


How to say or explain to your employer that the salary they offer doesn’t meet your expectation? / How can you negotiate for the salary?

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    Why does the salary not meet the expectation?  To successfully negotiate a salary increase you will need to have the reasons why the salary no longer meets expectation.

    Are you meeting the original expectations?  Are you going beyond the initial expectations?  Are you taking on more responsibilities?  Have you been working extra hours?

    Create your case to present why a salary increase is deserved will improve your chances.  Staying objective and providing examples of improvement will be helpful.

    Requesting a raise without creating your case for why a raise is deserved – will often create conflict if the raise is not received.
    The employer feels that it is the job/responsibilities of the role.  Why should they pay more?
    While employees will often feel underappreciated.

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