How to Take Care of your Mental Health Working from Home


How do you take care of your mental health working from home? What are some of your helpful routines or habits?

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    Every person have different ways that work best for them when it comes to taking care of your mental health. These are the things I observed that are common to all and perhaps the non-negotiable ones:

    • Set an everyday routine. You don’t really have to wake up very early for this, especially if you’re a nocturnal. What matters is you can separate “work time” from “home time”.
    • Have a designated work station. If you only have your room, then set a corner or a table to do your work. Don’t work on your bed.
    • Be physically healthy. A healthy body is a healthy, peaceful mind, too. Eat well and exercise.
    • Have some time to do the things you enjoy. This is the time to do your hobbies, passion projects, or even to see or talk with your friends to catch up if the situation allows.

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