How to tell your boss your workload is heavy?


How to tell your boss that your workload is already heavy and he/she needs to outsource some tasks? I’m afraid it may cause some tension between us or something.

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    This should of course be discussed with your employer.  This can be a sensitive subject.  There are many questions to consider.

    What is the measurement for a ‘heavy workload’?  Is this a heavy workload for you as the individual, or are you able to demonstrate that the work you do is above average?  Are you unable to meet deadlines or is your output affected?  What is your contribution in the company?  Do you still want to work with the company?  What is the work culture of the company?  Are  you working more than agreed upon?  Would your employer agree?  How much leverage do you have in the company?

    Ok, so you’ve decided to speak with your employer.  A few more items to consider – Identify the tasks that you feel the company would benefit from outsourcing.  Is it enough work to justify a part time or full time employee?   How does it benefit the company?  What will you do with this ‘additional time’?

    One of the most important questions – *How does it affect the income of the company?

    Having answered these questions – Imagine that you are the employer. How would you respond as the employer?

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