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How to ace an online job interview?

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    3 suggestions From the viewpoint of a hiring manager conducting an interview-

    1st – Show up on time. Showing up late, is an easy way to guarantee you won’t be at the top of the selection list.
    2nd – Keep it professional. An employer is interested in discovering if you will be a good fit in the company. Spending excessive time on personal issues does not help move the discovery process forward.
    3rd – Define what you will, can, and would like to accomplish. Employers are interested in filling a need, not adopting a new project. New projects are time and resource intensive. Position yourself as the solution, not a new problem.

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    Eliminate distractions

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    As a teacher, these are what I always tell my students:

    1. Be on time. Be on standby for at least 15-30 mins. If it’s an online interview, there might be unexpected delays and problems to occur so it’s best to prepare ahead. Being late for your interview also leaves a bad impression. As what the saying goes “first impression lasts”.

    2. Dress appropriately. One way to boost your confidence and hide your nervousness is to look best by dressing appropriately. For the ladies, apply a light makeup and fix your hair. For gentlemen, have a haircut or apply hair gel. Semi-formal, or business casual attire will do.

    3. Be yourself and do your research. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t pretend that you are somebody or pretend that you know everything. Research about the company and the position that you are applying for. Fill in the gaps. “Does the company’s vision and mission align with my goals and values?” “Is the position that I’m applying for a job that I really love to do and highlights my strengths?” “What could be my biggest asset to offer to this company?” “What are my negotiables and non-negotiable?” With this, you will also determine if the job is the right one for you or not, and you can easily position yourself during the interview.

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