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What do I wear in an online job interview? / What are some guidelines or etiquette do I need to know for an online job interview?

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    Just make sure that you look presentable.

    • For ladies, you may apply a little makeup and make sure your hair doesn’t cover your face. For men, you may have a clean haircut.
    • Have a clean background. You’re in your house doing the interview online. Make sure the background is free from clutter. It is nice to have a clean, white background, but any color will do as long as it’s not too dark like black or any solid or strong colors.
    • Have a decent lighting. Maybe having ring light will help or just make sure that you can be seen properly by the interviewee.
    • The color of your upper clothing should contrasts with your background, so that you don’t blend with the background.
    • Your camera angle should not be too far or too near. Have a little “head room”.  It is the space between the top of a subject’s head and the top of the screen frame. Think of the frame like your 2×2 ID picture.
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    This will vary from employer to employer, but usually more business oriented is the safer bet when meeting for the first time.

    It’s important to clear your background, keeping it very neutral.  Alternatively, use a background image if the video conferencing tool allows it or if you are using a third party camera app.

    Make sure you have good lighting and that the camera is positioned well.  Often have I been  in interviews where the other person is too close, or the camera is positioned to where I have a straight view of the inside of their nose.

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