What should be seen in your work portfolio? / What are the necessary contents in your portfolio?

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    Portfolio is a great way to show to your employers that you are employable. It is where evidences of your skills are shown. There are various forms and types of portfolios depending on your industry. The following should be inside your work portfolio:

    1. A little about yourself (Who you are)
    2. Your career (what you do)
    3. your vision or mission statement
    4. samples of your work
    5. testimonies (if applicable)
    6. contact information (how to reach you or get in touch with you)
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    Your portfolio should be tailored to the type of job you are applying for or would like to obtain.  Keep in mind, it’s not so much as what you want to say but what an employer wants to learn about you.  The primary reason an employer will want to view your portfolio is to support their belief that you will solve a problem for them.

    When speaking with the employer, discover the problem specifics they would like to solve.  When referencing your portfolio, point out specifics that are in line with what the employer is searching for.

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