Quick and Healthy Meals for a Remote Worker


Sometimes it’s tiring to think or to be creative with your meals when you’re busy working at home, and I can’t just order food every single day.

How to prepare quick and healthy meals as someone working at home? / What meals or meal plans can you suggest that I can prepare before my shift or during an hour of lunch break at home?

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  1. 2021-02-11T20:07:16+00:00

    Meal planning has been a time saver for me.  Preparing meals in bulk (cooked or uncooked), package, then freeze.  For reheating or cooking, I like to put the frozen bag into a simmering pot of water similar to sous vide cooking.

    Mason Jar meals is another favorite for meal prep.

    This way I can have a hot, fresh, and healthy meal without having to go out to eat all the time.

  2. 2021-02-12T09:30:28+00:00

    What I do is I cook meals before my shift starts. I always cook in bulk and I cook in variety. That means main dish and vegetables. That’s basically what I eat throughout the day, plus some yummy and healthy snacks in between like peanut butter and wheat bread, boiled egg, tempura, and etc.

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