Resolving misunderstanding among remote co-workers


How to resolve a conflict or misunderstanding among remote co-workers?

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  1. 2021-02-04T04:57:49+00:00

    Conflict and misunderstanding generally occurs when there is a lack of communication. Asynchronous messaging such as email, text, direct messaging can often create additional misunderstanding. The longer the misunderstanding goes unacknowledged or drags on, the problems compound. A video call is the fastest way to resolve conflict or a misunderstanding. This will ensure a meeting of the minds.

    Communication is important. Members of distributed teams should feel comfortable enough to be able to engage conversation or ask questions when they arise.

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    I always believe that through immediate and proper communication, conflict and misunderstanding can be resolved right away. It’s important to be patient and understanding. Don’t make assumptions right away as communicating in person is so different than communicating virtually through emails and direct messaging. Don’t make make assumptions about what your co-workers mean according to your guts or feeling. Always ask questions and clarify or confirm things to check if you are on the same page. It’s better to be sure than assume and make mistakes that can be avoided in the first place, I guess.

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