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How to write or what’s the format in writing a resume suitable for US employers?

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    General Tip: Make sure that everything you put in your resume are relevant to the job you’re applying for. Taylor-fit and edit your resumes from time to time according to the job and company you wanted to be in.

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    Resume writing is a skill in itself.  As a hiring manager, I would often receive many applications for a single job opening.  Rarely have I found resumes where a decision was made because of a second page.  Multi page resumes (not including a cover page) are usually not tailored for the position.  When skimming the application, if I didn’t see relative experience in the first page, the pages after usually didn’t receive much more attention.

    US employers that are open  to hiring internationally, are looking either for a very specific skill or value.  If you have the experience, they are interested in hearing specifics, case studies, how you made impact with other organizations.  Why should they hire you? For example:
    I worked in sales for 5 years.
    I worked in sales for 5 years.  Serviced 50 leads per day.  Directly responsible for X amount in sales.  Very entrepreneurial and success oriented.  Worked overtime often.

    If you do not have prior work experience, or are self taught.  Let the employer know.  Don’t pretend to be something that you aren’t.  This is an easy way to set yourself up for failure.  The employer can then decide how much they will invest in your training.

    A common situation is when an applicant claims that the employer is a scam.  The employer comes back with – They said they knew what they were doing.  They don’t, and they wasted my time.

    If you do not have the relative experience, and still want the position.  You will have to go beyond the resume.  Contact the hiring manager directly.  Show them your enthusiasm, positive attitude, and your drive.

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