Signs to Resign from your Remote Job


What are some signs that you should resign from your remote job?

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    There could be a lot of signs you should resign from your job, here are a few obvious and urgent ones:

    1. It affects your mental health.
    2. Your work environment is unhealthy.
    3. You’re overworked but underpaid.
    4. You’re ethics are being compromised.
    5. There are better opportunities for you.
    6. There are no opportunities for growth.
    7. You’re no longer happy.

    Reminder: Don’t decide based on your emotions and impulses. Before you resign, think about it first, secure an emergency fund, and plan what you’ll do after resigning.

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    For every person, this answer will be different.  For myself, am I unable to deliver based on customer or employer expectations?  Have I given the role my best effort by investing the time required to be successful?

    There have and will always be days when situational doubt has occurred.   I could be happier elsewhere at this moment, I could be making more, this isn’t part of my job description, etc.  These are all reasons not to work or be productive.  Situations can always be improved or become worse.  The bigger problem, is that this follows us everywhere.

    I have the responsibility to control these responses.  If I let these thoughts take over, then I am no longer in control.  Looking back, If I had taken action every time these situations occurred, It is unlikely that I would ever see the growth, results, or benefits from my labor.

    Ultimately, if there is an unmanageable toll on self mental or physical health, those are signs that the job may not be a good match.

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