Speeding up “Laggy” Laptop


Aside from optimizing your laptop using apps, what else can you do to speed up slow or “laggy” laptop?

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  1. 2021-03-29T06:34:35+00:00

    There are a lot of causes why your computer is laggy. I suggest you figure out first what causes your computer to slow down and then fix it accordingly.

    But for me, I always update my computer and disable any necessary startup apps.

  2. 2021-03-30T12:47:48+00:00

    First, determine why is the computer ‘laggy’?  What are you comparing it to when determining the computer is slow?

    Reasons for slowness include old, failing, or  non optimized software/applications.

    If it’s old, consider upgrading parts or getting a new one.
    If it’s failing, replace the part that is failing.
    If it’s not optimized, start deleting apps and disabling unnecessary apps that autostart with the computer.

    It’s also possible that it is a combination of the 3.

    Start with the solution that best reflects your current capability relative to your investment of time/money.

    Engineers and technicians invest heavily over years in order to learn the troubleshooting skills required of this field.  In other words, spending the money to have someone identify or fix the problem will save you weeks or months of headaches trying to troubleshoot your system.

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