Tips for Work from Home First Timers


People who works from home regularly, what tips, tricks, and suggestions do you have for us working from home for the first time?

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    Majority of preparation is mindset.  It’s important to remember that WFH is exactly that.  – working from home.

    It’s easy to get ‘too’ comfortable working from home.  This includes – logging in late, taking excessive breaks, being detached from office mates, etc.  This is the trap that many people that WFH fall into.  They often soon find themselves having to find employment in the office due to the difficulty of maintaining  work from home employment.

    These tips will help those that are interested in becoming an asset to the company they work with.

    – Maintain trust – WFH relationships are built on trust.  The slightest breach of trust is a downward slope.  Would you do this in the office? Would the employer approve?
    – In the office, there are many opportunities to demonstrate that you are an asset to the company?  How can you relay that through your work from home opportunity?
    – Speak with your employer and coworkers regularly.  That being said, if it is not a scheduled meeting – consider not recording it as a tasked conversation.  This is a common complaint among employers that an employee will engage in short conversation then record the time as output.  I understand that it takes time, for everyone involved.  If the employer sees it as a 5 minute conversation yet it is recorded as 30 minutes or an hour.
    -Ask for performance reports regularly.  Are you on the right track?  Are you an asset the company?
    – Keep a positive attitude.   If you have already made the choice to invest your time, show your best side.   Everyone has a choice.  As an employee, there are 4 primary choices.  Show up and be awesome.  Show up and be average.  Show up and be below average.  Don’t show up.
    – Identify boundaries.  Ask how you can be awesome!  Ask what activities are frowned upon.

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