Tips to Improve Confidence in Job Interviews


I tend to be very shy and got lost with my thoughts. What are some tips to improve confidence in job interviews?

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    First of all you have to know the root cause of your lack of confidence in job interviews. It could be you’re not that good with your communication skills or in speaking in English, you’re not prepared or didn’t practice for the interview, you’re not used to speaking in front of a camera, and others. Improve or educate yourself depending on the root cause for your lack of confidence.

    For example, you have a lot of “fillers” and some grammatical errors during an interview. Then, review about rules of grammar, and find a friend to practice throwing you interview questions.

    But as a general rule, self-awareness, then educating oneself, and practice will do the work.

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    Communication is a skill.  Like most skills, the more someone practices, the more they will improve.  The more they improve, the more comfortable they will become.  Confidence is the result of dedication to learn, practice, and putting in the effort to improve.

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