Why do computer screen can cause nausea?


Why does facing your computer screen for a long time can cause nausea?

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    With motion sickness or cyber sickness, your eyes see moving images and signal to the brain that movement is happening.

    When you’re focusing on the screen, your brain can suffer from the cognitive dissonance of seeing movement while the rest of your body is relatively still.

    Videos, animated graphics or even just scrolling through your Instagram feed can all contribute to the effect.

    As a result, your inner ear and other receptors in your body don’t get much other feedback that this movement is taking place – and your central nervous system gets conflicting messages.

    This can cause a physical stress response from your brain because it’s not sure which message to believe.


    Source: https://lumeseyewear.com/blogs/learn/computer-screen-nausea#:~:text=With%20motion%20sickness%20or%20cyber,your%20body%20is%20relatively%20still.

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