Work from Home with Kids


What are your best tips and ideas to survive and enjoy WFH with kids?

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    I don’t have kids yet, but I hope having pets and siblings at home count. These are the things I do to stay focus and motivated working at home with pets and some people at home:

    1. Have a schedule, stick to it, and inform the people at home.
    Informing them about your schedule is very important so that they’ll know when not to disturb you. You can also ask anyone at home to take care of your pets during working hours, so that you don’t have to worry about them.

    2. Have a designated work space.
    If you have bigger spaces at home, maybe you can set up a room as your work area. To those who only have small spaces, then designating a space for working will suffice. Maybe a table beside your bed, or using your terrace as your work area are some ideas. With this, you’ll avoid being distracted with your pets and from anyone in the house. This will also train your brain that these designated areas are for working. Therefore, it boosts your productivity as well.

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    Kids can be another challenge when working from home. Ironically, this is a common reason for people wanting to transition to working from home.  Working from home makes them readily available, and provides them the opportunity to spend more time with their family.

    There are many ways to manage potential distractions (screaming kids for example) at home. Designated work space. Designated focus times. Different people will handle their distractions differently.

    While there tends to be more flexibility with working from home, it is important to remember that you were not employed for daycare services. It is important to create the understanding or agreement with your employer regarding other responsibilities (i.e. specific schedules, extended or unscheduled breaks, etc).

    It would be safe to say that if an employer does not feel the agreement regarding employment is being upheld (if the agreement is to work 7 hours, then the expectation is likely 7 hours – not 4 hours + 3 hours of daycare), the next step depending on the business would likely be disciplinary or termination.

    If they hired you knowing your situation, they are likely to work with you regarding your schedule (assuming the employer is able to). Depending on the type of relationship or value that you bring, the agreement will vary. Most importantly, the communication and mutual respect between employer and employee are maintained.

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